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Use our Community + Storefront platform to bring learners together, make engagement a breeze, and boost course sales like a pro, all while having a blast!

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Automation to onboard new members

Attracting and retaining new members to your community doesn't have to be hard. With our on-boarding workflows, setup intelligent welcome sequences that make your joinees feel welcome and included

Personalized engagement recommendations

Setup a highly personalized engagement calendar for the entire month in minutes! Enable automated conversation starters and prompts to keep your community engaged around your topic of interests

Real-time engagement metrics

Get real-time alerts and insights on your community's engagement, allowing you to quickly identify trends and respond in meaningful ways

Sell using in-app purchase on iOS and Android

Sell instantly to a global audience using in-app purchase and web-based payment options. Easily setup one-time purchases or subscriptions, offer discounts and free trials in hundreds of countries and local currencies

Join our Early Adopters' community

Here in the Early Adopters' Lounge, you're not just a community member - you're a product pioneer! Your invaluable insights and active feedback on our newest features shape the trajectory of Papertrell's development

Building an engaged community

need not be hard

automated onboarding

Easily customize the welcome sequence for your members and orient them to your offerings

smart feeds

Automatically bubble up relevant conversations to engage your audience while you take a much needed break

connection & collaboration

Enabling your members to connect with each other. Use engagement to drive higher revenues

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